The Benefits Of Web Based LIMS

The Benefits Of Web Based LIMS

Looking to streamline your laboratory management procedures? Why not look at the benefits of web-based LIMS? LIMS, (Laboratory Information Markup Language System) is a database management application that provides the capabilities for you to manage and view all of your laboratory information in a user friendly format that can be accessed from any internet connected computer. This is especially useful when you have multiple locations or when you are involved in different states across the country or even the world. In this article we will go over the benefits of LIMS and how it can save you time and money on paper and man power for your laboratory.

When you have an institution-wide data storage system in place, you need a way to access the information. In most cases, you either print out the information or use a fax machine to retrieve it. In either case, the retrieval process often results in long delays that lead to frustration among your personnel. In addition to having to retrieve data, you may also find that you have to print out pages of data that are no longer needed. If your institution only produces fax copies of data, you can bet that it is not likely that anyone will need to get physical copies of data from their fax machine.

LIMS web based applications give you the ability to access your records from anywhere there is an internet connection. This can be particularly useful if your work utilizes cell phones and you travel frequently. Can you imagine how much time you would waste going back and forth to the office just to retrieve important documents? With LIMS, you can eliminate the need for a fax machine and save all of your time. This can lead to more time spent doing things that actually advance the work being done rather than going back and forth to the office for reams of paper.

Benefits Of Web Based Lims

LIMS allows for the exchange of medical data and other pertinent information between various departments and offices without the use of a traditional network or computer servers. It makes it far easier to exchange this information in real time, which greatly reduces wasted time. LIMS is also compatible with nearly any operating system, since it is accessed through a web browser. This means that even on older systems that may be lacking in specific features, you can still access your records and business. All of this adds up to cost saving for your medical office and greater efficiency.

When you incorporate a managed backup into your system, you can expect to see a substantial increase in your ability to recover from disasters. Many natural disasters can occur in any region or at any time of the year. A large storm or a hurricane can completely shut down a server or a network and you may not have any access to your files and data until the system has been restored. A well established and tested LIMS solution will allow you to restore your entire server or network right away and keep the system running efficiently after any mishaps. Having the ability to restore and run the system right away can save you a great deal of money in server and maintenance fees and can ultimately lead to a higher level of productivity.

One of the greatest benefits of LIMS is that it can help streamline your office management system. This can allow you to more effectively coordinate with your staff and management in order to meet your goals and objectives. This can help you to reduce the amount of time lost in your daily management and improve the efficiency of your medical office.

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