Web-based LIMS Software

Web Based LIMS Software

Web-based LIMS Software

The days are gone when lab managers had to hover around hundreds of spreadsheets and notebooks to execute successful lab operations.

With the ever-advancing technology, you now have web-based LIMS software to handle everything from sample tracking to analysis and report generation. With its handy yet powerful features, automating lab work has become a matter of few clicks only! 

When the market is booming with so many products, it may seem daunting to pick the best LIMS software, right? To help you get thorough knowledge about this widely-adopted digital platform, I am summarising a precise overview. 

What is LIMS?

Laboratory Information Management Software or LIMS is a software-based digital solution that focuses on boosting lab productivity by automating the sample management process, efficient data analysis, streamlining workflows, and integrating laboratory instruments. 

Where is LIMS Used?

Though labs of all disciplines use LIMS systems enormously, labs that utilise them in daily activities mostly are:

  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Environment monitoring labs
  • Process industries
  • Quality control assurance labs

Benefits of LIMS

Some of the excellent benefits LIMS offers are:

  • It enables users to follow the correct methods involved in an experiment by normalising the process. 
  • It digitises the data entry process, thus eliminates human-made errors. 
  • With its efficient sample tracking process, tracing the location of samples has become a matter of clicks!
  • Modern LIMS solutions feature efficient inventory management and alert you when a sample is running out. Thus they help lab managers avoid unnecessary delays. 
  • With precise audit trail management, it sticks to your regulatory compliance.
  • Advanced LIMS comes with a highly-encrypted system to ensure no unauthorised user can access your valuable laboratory data. 
  • With its easy-searchability, finding files and data has become so straightforward like never before!

What is a Web-based LIMS?

A web-based LIMS is the widely-adopted LIMS architecture that enables verified users to access the software from anywhere! All you require are internet access, a device, and a verified sign-in ID, and you can use a web-based LIMS system!

Web-based LIMS is the Best Option for Your Lab

Web-based LIMS, being the widely employed system worldwide, comes with so many surpassing benefits over other varieties. Some of them are:

Architectural and Management Importance

  • A web-based LIMS remains on a web server (remote computer), and data gets stored in a database installed in the separate or same machine. It is accessible from browsers and only shows formatted data stored in remote machines. 
  • It lessens IT overhead cost. It requires the users to have internet access only, and they can use it from anywhere with any device having a designated logging ID. 
  • It controls the database and the records on the hosting servers. 
  • Web-based LIMS run on the web server. Thus it doesn’t need the memory of the client computer. Instead, it uses the server memory. 
  • As you don’t have to install it on your lab PC, it doesn’t interfere with other software installed on your computer.
  • It requires no costly IT infrastructure. 
  • The hosting server handles all software upgrades, changes, and modifications that are ready-to-use for all users. Thus it allows users to skip the tedious and time-killing software upgrading methods.

Functional Benefit

  • Employing a web-based LIMS allows users to avoid various technical problems, like system crashes, bugs, hardware interface, etc. 
  •  A web-based LIMS features highly-encrypted data protection and adheres to data integrity regulations. Thus your valuable information gets stored in a secured and log-in controlled system. 
  • It is flexible and highly scalable, thus can easily get adapted to laboratory requirements.
  • It is straightforward to deploy, meaning that it can quickly upgrade your lab productivity. 
  • Perfect for all sized businesses as it doesn’t require any expensive hardware installation and IT support. 

Web-based LIMS and Cloud-based LIMS

In a cloud-based LIMS, data is saved in a centralised server and is easily accessible with the internet. But don’t consider each cloud-based LIMS as web-based. The word ‘cloud-based’ actually indicates the deployment methods:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud 
  • Hybrid cloud

A web-based LIMS can be hosted on the provider’s server or be self-hosted by the user. 

How to Select a LIMS

To purchase the license of the best LIMS solution compatible with your laboratory processes, go through the precise guide below:

Consider the Architecture

LIMS features different architectures: 

  • Thin-client (client/server)
  • Thick-client, and 
  • The hybrid of both (web-based)

Before going with any type, make sure you have precise knowledge about its architecture to deploy, handle and configure it successfully. 


The software you pick must be highly configurable and feature excellent adaptability to match your laboratory specifications. 

Data Storage Process

Before purchasing a license, consider how you want your lab data to be stored. Do you want an on-premises system or a cloud-based one?

When an on-premises LIMS offers high performance, it involves higher capital for deployment, installing IT infrastructure, and technical support. With a cloud-based system, you have more flexibility. You can skip spending on infrastructure, but you lose direct control of your laboratory data. 

Consider the Price

The cost associated with its license is a variant of different factors:

  • Instrument integration facility
  • Customisation options
  • Training and support services
  • Validation services
  • Infrastructure, etc. 

Consider what features you require and how much you can pay for a license. The approximate prices of some commonly used software are: 

  • A web-based LIMS: Around £145-£11000 per user.
  • A SaaS LIMS: Around £72-£1000 per user.

Best Web-based LIMS

Are you exploring the market for a quality LIMS? Select the web-based LIMS Software- Sapio science. No matter if you require it for your PCR, medicinal chemistry, or genomic labs, with its surpassing features and excellent versatility, you can enjoy a seamless lab experience like never before!

The features are:

  • Excellent adaptability
  • Configurable instrument integration
  • Requires no coding to load control files
  • Configurable workflow engine
  • Real-time team collaboration

Wrap Up

Modern laboratories are employing web-based LIMS software to boost their productivity and increase performance efficiency enormously. Picking the best LIMS compatible with your lab needs ensures you can get the best out of the system, automating your lab activities successfully. 

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